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Use this data for the questions…-Mass of tube + MnO2 = 21.5403g-Mass of tube + MnO2 + KClO3 + KCl = 22.5518g-Constant mass of test tube + reaction product = 22.3514gQuestions:1. What is mass of O2 released? (0.2004g)2. How many moles of O2 were released? (.0063g)3. How many moles of KClO3 required by the moles of O2 released? (2 moles)4. What is the mass of KClO3 required? (245.099g)5. What is the mass of KClO3 & KCl mixture? (.0115g)6. What is the percent of KClO3 in KClO3 & KCl mixture?7. If there was 0.5011g of KClO3 in the original mixture, what is the true percent of KClO3?I can figure out questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but I can not figure out questions 6 and 7. Please help. I’ve included my answers for questions 1 – 5; they’re in parenthesis, after their question, but please let me know if any of those are wrong.


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