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8 People are seated in a row to watch Return of the Jedi.

a) How many seating arrangements are there?

b) How many seating arrangements are there if Sally and Bob, two people of the eight, disagree about the ewoks and refuse to sit together?

c) Suppose there is a red couch that seats 3, a blue couch that seats 4 and a green chair that seats 1. How many different ways are there to distribute the 8 people among the seats? (Without regard to the order in which they sit on the couches.)Suppose Sally and Bob are willing sit together nowAssume that the furniture is in a fixed order and is not moved.

d) Suppose there are ten types of snacks and Sally’s mom will only let the group select four. Further, there are 6 salty snacks and 4 sweet snacks. How many ways are there to select 4 snacks if 2 must be salty?


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