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 Resh Holding’s total sales in a year were £1,540,000. The cost price of goods sold was £1,180,000.During the year the following overheads were paid:                                                      £Wages                                          86,500Heat, light, telephone               9,370Rent of premises                      13,800Office expenses                        7,010(a) Calculate the net profit as a percentage of the total sales.In that year, there were 308 days on which  Resh Holding traded.(b) Calculate the average sales per trading day.Peter sends an invoice to  Resh Holding for the following work:Computer parts: £177Travel: 18 miles at £0.75 per mileLabour: 3 hours at £42.50 per hour(c) Calculate the invoice total before any discount.A discount of 12% is allowed.(d) Calculate the invoice total after discount.


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