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Part 1: Identify at least three methods of statistical inference listed in the flowcharts on pages 842-846 of Rosner’s Fundamentals of Biostatistics 7th edition. Describe in detail each method and how you could use this method in your discipline. You may not use the same tests indicated in your research proposal. Also, please review your classmates’ posts before submitting and identify tests that were not (or least) used in the forum.Part 2: Select one of the topics below from chapter 13. Identify a peer-reviewed journal article that used this topic. Provide a summary of the topic and how it was used in the article.Attributable riskCounfounding and standardizationMantel-Haenszel testPower and sample size estimation for stratified categorical dataMultiple logistic regressionMeta-analysisEquivalence studiesLongitudinal data analysis


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