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Assignment 7: Room Acoustics

In last week’s assignment, you calculated mean free path, total absorption, and reverberation time for a room that is 4 m long, 7 m wide, and has a ceiling height of 3 m.

The floor is hardwood,  = .15 at 500 Hz.

The walls are gypsum wallboard (GWB),  = .30 at 500 Hz.

The ceiling is acoustic ceiling tile (ACT),  = .95 at 500 Hz.

Using the same room, calculate the following. Scan or photograph your assignment work and submit it.

1. What is the room constant for this room?

2. For a person speaking, what is the critical distance in this room? Use = 2.

3. If a person speaking produces a sound power level of 70 dB, how much sound pressure level would you expect at a distance of 3 m?

4. Is this in the direct field or the reverberant field?


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