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iv. Calculate the excess: (ii) – (iii)

SFC company

Final dividend change  14.00-13.00=1.00

Three days return- Three days Market return=7.14%-0.84%=6.3%

Two days return- Two days Market return=10.13%-0.40%=9.73%

v. Check the results for any other two students in your tutorial class and report that result in your assignment 2

SNL company

Final dividend change=3-4.25=-1.25

Three days return excess: -1.21%+1.21%=0

Two days return excess: -1.21%-0=-1.21%


final dividend=1-2=-1

three days return excess=  -6.02% -2.39% = -8.41%

two days return excess= – -7.47% – 0.19% = -7.66%

vi. Discuss the relevant theory (Information content (signalling) hypothesis,Free cash flow hypothesis ,Clientele effect)with the findings in (iv) and (v).  


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