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Q-Mart is interested in comparing its male and female customers. Q-Mart would like to know if the amount of money spent by its female charge customers differs, on average, from the amount spent by its male charge customers.

an analyst collected random samples of 25 female customers and 22 male customers. Based on these samples, on average, the 25 women charge customers spent $102.23 and the 22 men charge customers spent $86.46. Moreover, the sample standard deviation of the amount charged by the 25 women was $93.393, and the sample standard deviation of the amount charged by the 22 men was $59.695.

Using the procedure advocated by Bluman,  at the 10% level of significance, is there sufficient evidence for Q-Mart to conclude that, on average, the amount spent by women charge customers differs from the amount spent by men charge customers.


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