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25. (6 points) a) Explain the idea of “cosmic censorship.” B) What precisely is being censored? C) is there any way to blast through this and expose to the universe that which is being censored? 26. (5 points) a) Why is it safer to visit a 106 Msun black hole than a 1 Msun black hole? B) Where in the Universe would you have to go to visit a massive black hole? 27. (6 points) Professor Russ Lavery, a former member of our department, has found that there are lots more elliptical galaxies than spiral galaxies in dense galaxy clusters. On the other hand, loose clusters show lots more spirals than ellipticals. How can you explain why this is so, using what you have learned in class? 28. (2 points) We are almost done with Astro 250 – just wrapping up with cosmology. What one thing haven”t we discussed yet that you really really want to hear about?


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