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 A random sample of 21 waiting times (in minutes) before patients saw a medical professional in a hospital’s minor emergency department had a variance of 1.96 minutes. After a new admissions procedure was implemented, a random sample of 27 waiting times had a variance of 0.64 minute.At ?=0.01 can you support the hospital’s claim that the standard deviation of the waiting times has decreased?

Identify the claim and state H0 and Ha. Let ?^2/1 represent the initial variance and ?^2/2 represent the variance for the new process.

Determine the critical value and the rejection region. What is the critical F-value?

What is the rejection region for this F-test?

Calculate the test statistic

Decide whether to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.

Interpret the decision in the context of the claim. Can you support the 


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