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I am using the critical method to test a hypothesis. I’m not sure I am doing it correctly.

Conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the proportion of all recent clients is more dissatisfied than the traditional level of dissatisfaction. Use ? = 0.08

The data for proportion of dissatisfied clients includes: 21%, 27% and 26.5%. the Average is 24.83. Using excel, I found the standard deviation, .0333.

The total number of clients used in the survey was 200. Traditionally, 40% of customers have been dissatisfied.

Step 1: specify null and alternative

Ho: p is less than or equal to .40

Ha: p is greater than or equal to .40

Step 2: calculate test statistics:

Z= (.2483-.4)/ (.0333/(square root of 200) = -63. 21.

This answer seems low, am i inputting the data correctly?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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