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 Please watch the trailer on Youtube: Das Rheingold Trailer from Cineworld Cinemas. It is 2 minutes and 25 seconds in length and then respond to the following:

Director Robert Lepage and Set designer Carl Fillion utilized a 45 ton machine that included vertical platforms, (a palisade of two dozen fiberglass covered aluminum planes) that tilted vertically and horizontally to create and form various stage configurations.  After you have viewed the trailer of Das Rheingold, featuring what is considered to be the MOST expensive and extravagant set design ever constructed for a contemporary stage, discuss whether you think this type of set design for entertainment, (theater, the opera, musicals, etc.) is worth it. Should a set design, (no matter how extravagant) be created at any cost, to fulfill the vision and concept of the director and/or designer? 


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