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A massless string is wound around the outside of a solid disk with radius of 0.3m and moment of inertia 1 kg m^2. A mass, m=3 kg, is attached to the end of the string and released.

(Upward y- direction is positive and rightward x-direction is positive)

  1. What is the angular acceleration of the disk while the string unwinds?
  2. In the same setup but with a different mass attached to the string, suppose the angular acceleration while the string unwinds is 5 rad/s^2. The disk starts rotating from rest when the mass is released. The length of the string is L = 3m. After it unwinds fully the string falls away from the disk and stops exerting a torque on the disk.

What is the magnitude of the final angular velocity??

Need help on both of the questions. The answer for 4 is 6.95 rad/s^2, and the answer for 5 is 5.48 rad/s.


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