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Two dogs, Rum and Quanta, are sliding without friction on the surface of a frozen lake. Suppose that Quanta has a mass of M = 7 kg and Rum a mass of M = 40 kg, and Rum carries a ball of mass m = 1 kg. (The ball can slide without friction as well.)

Note: I think carefully about positive and negative signs. Picture will help you keep this straight

A) Suppose that Rum rolls the ball to Quanta at vB = 6 m/s; when it reaches Quanta, she catches it. What will Rum and Quanta’s velocities be after this process?

B) After this happens, do the two of them have the same speed? Is this consistent with the conservation of momentum?

C) Now, suppose that Quanta rolls the ball back to Rum. She also rolls it at vB2 = 6 m/s, relative to the her motion. After Rum catches the ball this time, how fast will he be moving? How fast will Quanta be moving?


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