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Hi! Would be more appreciate if you could help to solve this, Organic Chemistry Chapter 18 and beyond.

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9:) Ur) PART 8: Answer all questions; write your uns\cr in the space provided after each question. I’rm idc a amp—b) ~$lcp arrow pushing moc‘ttuttim‘t for :‘m tottmx m1; transformation: Not 0 1.NaOH 1 Q 0/ ; onN 2.H30 OH Using a step by step mechanism. predict tiH thc pox-tibia products oi’thc I’oliowing reaction ( 10points): ,f, ,1“-// ‘~:‘/E . + HBt’ , ,,,,-A, p\ /’ w. r identify compounds -4 H. L’. and l) tn the reactions hcitm: GINA—“5393.8 D (CthNH C 2 equivatents i Starting With bromohutanc (reactant: and using any other rcageiitslcompound: t>1’_our choicu. design 2mef?cient synthesis for the ester tpn titan-1 . moon hchm. ‘htm the structure of 21H inhlrl‘nk‘tiillk‘i. Mar …___- 7 *


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