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“On the 10th of March, X placed an advertisement in the local newspaper to sell his car for $20,000. The advertisement also stated that the seller was willing to consider ‘an offer close to $20,000.’ Y sees the advertisement and decides to go and inspect the car the next day.Upon inspecting the car, Y decides that this was the ‘Dream Car’ he wanted. The only problem that Y faces is that he could only come up with $18,000 cash. He makes an offer of $18,000 to X to which X replies, “That is far too low than what I expected, I’m sorry.” He tells Y, “I will sell the car to you for $19,000, why don’t you discuss this at home and let me know.”On 18th of March,Y finds out that the car has been sold for $18,000.Y feels cheated and he now consult you for Advice.Advice Y as to his rights (if any) under Contacts law. Refer to relevant cases to support your answer. ”


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