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Anyway, for Hightower, we just want to establish a forecasting model that we can use to forecast holiday season sales in the future. There is a slight twist if you enjoy these things. That is, whatever you forecast, usually you want to order more than that, that is called the safety stock in business. She used 50% more. How about you? How are you going to determine how much more? Obviously if you order more and not use them, it is a waste and it costs you, if you order less, you won’t have enough and you miss profit opportunities. So how should you decide? This is a tough one and if you don’t want to try, just don’t. It is a mind twister that is useful in business but we can leave it to the math nuts! Hightower Department Stores: Stuffed AnimalsObs.123456789101112131415161718 Projected Sales Sales Realized SalesTest2602730428019374230142341707144140813326012…


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