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Hello Marsha,

You made some valid points and one thing that gets me all the time is Customer Service. As looking into the fortune 500 company of my choice, I see that WalMart is number one on the charts, but their customer service is not good. That gives me something to think about. “I” as the customer do not mind you ignoring me, not having enough lines available to check me out. Having an unorganized store as a whole and the prices sometimes never matches the items. But you are on every corner, you have everything I need and you provide a one stop shop for me and my family. So is customer service #!? Can we shop with a company repeatedly and not care how they treat us or makes us feel? Where is WalMart’s obligations? They are obligated to prove customer service, they don’t and they are still #1. Gives you something to think about. 

Great Job Marsha!


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