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“Withing the psychological perspective there are four models that help explain abnormal behavior; psychodynamic, behaviorist, humanistic, and cognitive. Chose a model you feel give the best explanation for abnormal behavior, describe the key components of the model, and the contributions of the scientist(s) associated with the model. Discuss the support for the theory and critiques of the theory. Identify and explain any additional perspectives (biological, sociocultural, and/or biopsychosocial) that you belive influence abnormal behaviour.Essay should be at least 500 words and include introduction, a body and a conclusion. require references,citations, paraphrased and quotation”

Running Head: PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACHES 1 Psychological ApproachesStudent’s NameInstructor’s NameCourse TitleDate Submitted Psychological Approaches 2 IntroductionAmong the psychological…


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