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Need an argumentative essay on Reconstruction and Narrative. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In addition, the artiste says that he grew up with his father who had overwhelming interest writing calligraphy and making paintings. Guo-Qiang further claims that his being poor at doing everything else is the consummate motivational factor to make art. The claim serves to imply that the artiste pursues his interest and passion in life (Hunter).

Moreover, the Chinese artiste has a reason for using gunpowder in his artistic work. Guo-Qiang provides that he is exceedingly cautious, rhetorical, logical and sometimes timid, thus, obliging him to use gunpowder in his work. The other thing the artiste shares about his philosophy of art is that when he makes gunpowder, it is like making love. This means that Guo-Qiang has a true passion for his artistic work


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