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a.You are currently 27 years old and plan on retiring at age 67. Based on current life tables and family history,you anticipate living another 23 years after retirement (morbid but important to consider). You estimate that you will need $157,212 in after-tax income per year in retirement, during which time all withdrawals from your retirement savings will be taxed at 25%. Assume that you can earn 5% per annum on your investments and these investment gains are not taxed.

How much pre-tax income do you need in retirement each year in order to meet your retirement needs?

b.The interest on some municipal bonds is tax free, in contrast to the interest on corporate bonds. If the current annual interest rates on otherwise similar(i.e., maturity, credit risk, liquidity) municipal and corporate bonds are 1.48% and 1.80%, respectively, what is the implied tax rate?


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