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Indicate the effect – Understate (U), Dverstate [0), No Effect (NE) – that each Quiz navigationof the following errors has on the 201 T net income and 2018 net income.WI 2 W El 5 6 Paragraph T B I 55 g; — 9 E E Finishattempt… You can change the height and width of the mm by placing the cursor on the bomi?wm?‘and dragging Itaround. 2!)” Net Income [a] Equipment {with a useful life of 5 years and no salvage alue} was purchased In 2013 and immediately expensed. b] Accrued wages of December 2017 were not recorded at12I’31I’1’I’. When paid In January 201E, the amount was debitedo Wages Expense. {cl Equipment purchased In 2017 was debited to Land. [d] 2018 ending Inventory was overstated. 2017 endinginventory was free from error. [e] Patent amortization was recorded twice In 201?. Palh:table»1body»tr»tdupnspan


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