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Please answer and full within the template that is provided. Thank youRequired1. Assume that Lynn Addie is an unmarried employee. Her $ 1,000 of wages are subject to no deductions other than FICA Social security taxes. FICA Medicare taxes and federal income taxes. Her federal income taxes for this pay period total $ 159. Compute her net pay for the eight days’ work paid on February 26. (Round to the nearest cent.)2. Record the journal entry to reflect the payroll payment to Lyn Addie as computed in part 1.3. Record the journal entry to reflect the (employer) payroll tax expenses for the February 26 payroll payment. Assume Lyn Addie has not met earnings limits for FUTA and STUA—the FUTA rate is 0.8% and the SUTA rate is 4% for Success Systems. (Round amounts to the nearest cent.)4. Record the entry(ies) for the merchandise sold on March 25 if a 4% sales tax rate applies.


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