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The following sentences need to be revised before being included in a memo or letter. (1) Identify the weakness in each statement, and then (2) revise as accordingly. For example, you would revise the accusatory You were not very clear to We did not understand your message. 

  1. I need all the information you have about methane-powered engines. 
  2. You people have sent me the wrong software! 
  3. It is imperative that you let me know of your decision by January 15. 
  4. I have become cognizant of your experiments and wish to ask your advice about the following procedure. 
  5. You will find the following instructions easy enough for an ape to follow. 
  6. As per your request I am sending the country map. 
  7. I am in hopes that you will call soon. 
  8. We beg to differ with your interpretation of this leasing clause.


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