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Write a 1 page essay on Milestone 4: Specifications.

With the ratio, a person would require roughly 10lbs of water in a year. The above diagram explains a system which is gravity-fed and would also employ sand pre-filter that would be followed by bed of gravel. The energy of the Sun would be utilized to nullify the biological contaminants. A photovoltaic panel is used provide electricity current to the UV lamp. The layer of the sand should be approximately 50 cm thick. Also, the thickness of the layer would also be contingent on the number of users in a single day as the duration of the sunlight is limited. The objective of the diffused plate would be to prevent the formation of channels and the turbulence of the influents. The gravel layer is to prevent clogging of the perforated pipe which can be formed by carbon granules. The approximate thickness would be 20 cm.


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