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Prepare a summary (500 words max) advising a police officer on what she should do for a stop and search to be legal. Your answer should draw on the statute (PACE) and the appropriate codes of practice only.  You must give precise references for the points you make from the statute and the Codes of Practice. -https:// 

Your answer should cover: 

– The state of mind the police officer must have before she can stop and search someone under PACE.

– The information a police officer must give the person before stopping and searching them under PACE. 

– Where a stop and search can be done under PACE. 

You should NOT write this in your own words, expect where it is necessary to do so to come wihin the word count. This is an exercise in getting the law from the statute. The law is what the statue actually says, not your paraphrase of the law. 


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