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This paper should be at least 5 pages long, double-spaced, standard 12pt font.  Here is the prompt:

What are the three major schools of Western philosophy in the Hellenistic era?  What are their key epistemological commitments and who founded them?  To which school does Sextus Empiricus belong?  How does Sextus understand his conception of philosophy (what is it’s basic understanding of what an adherent to this school does and why she does it)?  What are the skeptical modes?  And what are the five modes (please give an illustration of each, and feel free to utilize examples from Bks I or II of the Outlines).  Finally, what is a kataleptic apprehension and what are some examples of it?  What is the skeptical argument that apprehension is impossible?  And what’s one objection to the skeptical argument (given by Lucullus) and the skeptical response to it (given by Cicero)?


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