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use java to write a program that allows the user to play a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game.  In this game the user will be prompted with making decisions, which will then lead them to different paths with different results.


There must be at least 3 different endings.

To get to each ending there must be at least 3 decisions the player has to make to lead you to the end

There must be at least one example of:

Numeric comparison, such as equals to, less than etc.

String comparison

A compound boolean expression

These do not have to be a part of reaching each ending they just have to be in there somewhere

Be creative!

//package textBasedAdventure;import java.util.Date;import java.util.Random;import java.util.Scanner;import javax.swing.JOptionPane;public class TextBasedAdventure {/*This is an RPG text based…


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