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I need some help to design a test plan. But I do not have an idea where to start, an example, if you have one, would be very helpful.

The objective of the assignment is to:Construct a test design to enable your marketing director increase Video views and viewership timeacross the different viewing categories:http:// am a marketing director at the NBA, and my goal is drive basketball fans to watch NBA games on:http:// is/are my best way/s to increase viewership.NO MEDIA BUDGETNO CONTROL OVER website or the page map/style sheet.You can make content changes on pageAssignment:- What type of questions do you have for the marketing director?- Write a test plan, including all the sections- Set KPIs- Design cells- Proforma P&L- Set parameters of successYou can list any assumptions (as if you have known previous test results, media plans, etc.)


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