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You’re looking to buy a fully loaded Kia Optima EX at a price of $27,000.

your parents offer to give you 10% of the price, $2700, as a down payment and you need to finance the remainder of $24,300. You smartly researched your finance options and got pre approval at a 3.49% APR for 60 months on your own.

Kia is offering 0% APR financing with $1500 cash back or $4000 cash back. The cash back amounts under both options would be used as an additional down payment reducing the amount that you need to finance (borrow). You would use your 3.49% APR pre-approved financing if you elect the $4000 cash back option. Answer the following questions.

Now let’s assume you were willing to make a monthly car loan payment of $450. Construct an amortization schedule for the loan for all 60 monthly payments . How long will it take to pay off the loan with the $450 monthly payment? 


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