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If the solution in the bottle has a density of 0.850 g/mL, what volume of solution needs to be cleaned up? A fish tank holds 30.0 gal of water. Using a density of 1.0 g/mL for water, determine the number of pounds of water in the fish tank. A sample of sugar weighing 2.47 g contains 0.988 g of carbon. What is the % carbon in sugar? An introductory chemistry class began with 135 students. Water is composed of 11.2% hydrogen and 88.8% oxygen. What mass of water contains 15.0 g of oxygen? Jodi, a sculptor, has prepared a mold for casting a bronze figure. The figure has a volume of 225 mL. If bronze has a density of 7.8 g/mL and Jodi likes to use 90.0% of the bronze melted (she sometimes spills), how many ounces of bronze does Jodi need to melt in the preparation of the bronze figure. If you walk outside and the temperature is 30o, will you put on a coat or a bathing suit?


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