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The solubility of aluminum nitrate at 20 degrees celsius is 73.9 g/100 mL. From this information, calculate the molar concentration of a saturated solution of aluminium nitrate.

Chlor-alkali plants electrolyze NaCl to produce the commodity chemicals caustic soda and chlorine gas. Industrial waste effluent released into waterways from these plants can contain trace amounts of mercury. Legally, the effluent can contain up to 2.50 x 10-9 mol/L of mercury. Determine the minimum amount of water, in ML, that must be added to a 1.25 g sample of mercury to dilute the effluent to acceptable levels.

A recent study found the median level of lead ion concentration in Canadian tap water is 2.3 x 10-8 mol/L. Calculate the mass, in grams, of lead consumed when an individual drinks 2.8 L of water. Record your final, 2-digit answer using scientific notation. Also include proper units.


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