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Here’s the deal: I have a problem related to a two-way analysis of a variance. I have multiple attempts at the problem, so I have the solution as provided by Connect. The problem is the solution doesn’t make sense to me and I am unable to solve the problem with different numbers(the solution uses a different value than the problem I need to solve), particularly because the MSE value used in part D of the problem is different from the one that is given.In the problem that I have the solution for, the given MSE is12.3333, but in part D, it seems to equal 8.225568. The problem and the solution to the problem I have to solve with different numbers is contained in the PDF file I’ve attached. Thank you.

Note: Only try to solve part d of this problem. I’ve already solved the rest. There seems to be an error with the MSE figure used for this problem or I am missing something.


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