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In January 2018, Dental Delights Pty Ltd, led by Rob, a young and entrepreneurial dentist, bought a block of land and engaged Brad the Builder Pty Ltd to lead the building of the project, a new dental clinic specialising in dental implants. As Rob was keen to open for business, he requested Brad to finish the project three weeks earlier than planned, with the promise of a sizeable bonus. Brad readily agreed as he wanted to impress Rob. Brad asked his interior designer, Melanie, to work ten consecutive days so they could meet the deadline. Melanie complied, as she was keen to get more work from Brad in the future. After she had finished her work and at a celebratory lunch, Brad promised Melanie an extra $3000 for her efforts. The next day, however, they had a massive row about the way she talked to Rob. Brad told her she can go and find work elsewhere and to forget about the $3000.


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