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1. Describe lockout/tagout procedures

2. List and describe the 7 “principles of learning”

3. What training is requiring for Personal Protective Equipment.

4. Describe “risk assessment”.

5. What is a gate (as it pertains to machine guarding”

6. Describe a robots “work envelop”

7. List 8 things a slip and fall prevention program should address.

8. What are 4 causes of falls?

9. What are 4 kinds of falls?

10. Describe the 6 design requirements for safeguarding.

11. Why are lobbies, restrooms, and kitchens particularly dangerous slipper

12. Pertaining to guarding, what is meant by “point of operation”?

13. Describe a “2 hand control” as a method of keeping a person safe when a punch press.

14. How can photoelectric devices be used to make a machine safer to use?

15. What type of hazards are posed by robots?


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