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Questions on Deborah Luepnitz, Schopenhauer’s Porcupines

Please warm up by writing freely about your favorite case study that Luepnitz presents in this book. What did you like about the case? (Be specific and give examples.) Did anything surprise you about the course of treatment or the patient-therapist relationship?

What does Luepnitz mean by Schopenhauer’s porcupines? What are the “dilemmas of intimacy” to which the title refers? Give examples from TWO of the cases. Be sure to focus on the therapist-client interactions as well as the client’s life.

What are the main tenets or beliefs about therapy Luepnitz seems to bring to her work as a clinician?

Take a few moments to discuss the ways in which Luepnitz explores family relations in her therapeutic work. By all means use examples from at least TWO of the cases she presents.


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