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1. A battery supplies 12V across a 6 ohm resistor. The current traveling through the wire is:

  A. 2A

  B. 12A

  C. 18A

  D. 72A

2. The device that consists of two separate coils, with a supplied AC voltage, is called:

A. transformer

B. generator

C. series

D. electromagnet

3.The type of interference that produces bright regions, when waves are in phase with each other, is called:

  A. destructive

  B. diffuse

  C. constructive

  D. specular

4. Electric current flows through a circuit at a rate of .05 A. How much time would it take for 10 C of charge to pass a given point?

  A. .005s

  B. .5s

  C. 200s

  D. 2s

5. What is the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave that has a frequency of 3000 Hertz?

  A. 100m

  B. 1,000m

  C. 100,000.

  D 10,000,000m


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