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1-     Suppose the price of one share of a particular stock rose from $10.15 to $12.05 over the course of a year, and the stock paid a dividend of $1.00 per share during the same year. What was the total return on the share of stock?

a.      28.6 percent

b.     18.7 percent

c.      8.9 percent

d.     15.8 percent

2-     Individual investors wishing to buy shares of stock in a company will typically purchase them from

a.      Venture capital firms

b.     An initial public offering

c.      Stockbrokers

d.     The company

3-     How are banks and venture capital firms different?

a.      Banks are financial intermediaries

b.     Venture capital firms provide funds to businesses

c.      Banks receive funds from the suppliers of capital

d.     Venture capital firms expect quite a few of their investments to fail


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