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Justine Belamo is a 48-year-old White female who has been married to Gil Belamo for 18 years. Justine has a daughter, Majel, from a previous marriage, and she has two teenage children (Mark and Maria) with Gil. Justine works as a grocery store clerk. Although she finds her job monotonous, she appreciates the steady income and family health insurance.

Justine is overweight and has tried to lose weight most of her adult life. She frequently diets and, in the past, has lost a great deal of weight, but she just can’t seem to keep the weight off. She blames menopause for her most recent weight gain.

  1. What factors place Ms. Belamo at risk for development of RA and When talking with Ms. Belamo, what interview questions might you ask to determine if she has any early signs of RA? If Ms. Belamo were to be diagnosed with RA, what teaching might you provide to reduce joint damage?


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