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  • A use case diagram with 5 use cases, including actor (stick figure) and process (bubble). Each bubble should include an identifying phrase.
  • A description/definition of each use case, keyed to the identifying phrase used in the process bubble.
  • A data model with 5 classes and 4 relationships. Label the classes and relationships.
  • List 5 attributes for each class. Indicate which is the primary key.
  • List cardinalities on both ends of each relationship.
  • Create 5 SQL triplets. A triplet is 
  • A natural language question or statement.
  • A SQL query answering that question or statement.
  • A results table returned from the query.
  • Create one each of these types of SQL trilogy:
  • SELECT . . . FROM . . .
  • SELECT . . . FROM . . . WHERE
  • SELECT . . . FROM . . . WHERE . . . ORDER BY
  • JOIN


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