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Please share your thesis statement and one paragraph from your Informative Essay – Revision and then respond to the following: Discuss what is challenging you or what you are proud of regarding your chosen paragraph.Peer Feedback:After you have posted, provide a classmate with feedback.Discuss your observations regarding your classmate’s post.Offer ideas for improvement where needed, and celebrate one or more strengths in your classmate’s writing.How to give feedback: A “good” peer review is specific and combines suggestions for improvement and praise for what works well. A “poor” peer review does not give specifics and does not offer insight to help your classmate reflect on or improve his or her writing.Assignment 2-2, Final Draft of the Informative Essay, is due Nov. 19th @ 10:00 a.m., EDT. There will be a penalty for late submissions. CLICK TO LEARN HOW TO CHECK YOUR FEEDBACK ON ASSIGNMENT 2-1: 


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