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Judy Franklin, 22 years old, has just graduated from college and is about to start a job as a graphic arts designer in a large marketing company. Judy is also planning her wedding to George 6 months from now. She found a lump in her left breast during self-exam and has come to the physician for an initial consultation. During the assessment, the nurse learns Judy has not told her fiancé about her findings. Judy will not make eye contact with the nurse and appears distracted during the interview.

Question 1

What nursing diagnoses would be appropriate for Judy?

Question 2

How might you assist Judy with deciding how to inform her fiancé if the lump is determined to be a malignant tumor?

Question 3

What support interventions would you initiate to help Judy as she waits for the results of diagnostic testing to determine the cause of the lump?


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