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Assignment help 4502

This will be a basic research paper that further explores one of the case studies at the end of the Chapter. Select one and see what information is available in addition to what is in your textbook.  What changes have happened since each of these incidents or studies?

Remember to ask a research librarian for assistance.

The focus of this assignment is to write a 2 to no more than 3 page paper in your own words.

  • cite your sources
  • use spell and grammar check
  • Safe Assign will be on – you will have 3 attempts to correct any plagiarism spotted
    • note that generally 20% or lower I ignore
  • draw your own conclusions as to what was or was not effective.
  • what would you suggest they do

Be sure to have

  • an introduction stating the problem and company
  • a discussion
  • a conclusion


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