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Write a 1 page essay on Lessons Learned.

This is the reason why I feel I took the right decision when I got enrolled within the project management course (Kleiner 1987). As far as my future jobs are concerned, I will be most glad to make use of the project management skills at the workplace because this is something that shall come very naturally to me (Deschamps 2011). Hence what I have learned from this quarter is that I need to have a checklist of all the things that are up my sleeves and to make sure that these get done in a quantifiable manner. Also my school days will be carried out in a steady way if I apply myself whole-heartedly towards different tasks and objectives, and stop worrying about things that are least significant (Eve 2007). In the end, I will summarize my commitment towards everything in life which needs to be managed well – both from a personal as well as a professional


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