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  1. Go to the St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED database (, and find data on federal debt held by the Federal Reserve (FDHBFRBN), by private investors (FDHBPIN), and by international and foreign investors (FDHBFIN). Using these series, calculate the total amount held and the percentage held in each of the three categories for January 2000, January 2010, January 2016, and compare the results.

2.Go to the St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED database, and find data on the total assets of all commercial banks (TLAACBM027SBOG) and the total assets of money market mutual funds (MMMFFAQ027S). Transform the commercial bank assets series to quarterly by adjusting the Frequency setting to “Quarterly.” Calculate the percent increase in growth of assets for each series, from January 2000 to January 2016. Which of the two financial intermediaries has experienced the most growth?


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