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For your first written assignment, you need to do the following: 

1. Choose one of the two articles that you had to read for our discussion post this week. You will then summarize the article. As both of these articles are lists, you do NOT need to summarize everything; you can pick a few key points that would be relevant to you and/or people in your job. This will be part of written assignment 1A. 

2. You are going to write an email recommending this article, making sure that the email contains the following:

  1. a summary of the articles, focusing on the main ideas/key arguments of the article, that includes at least one direct quote, correctly cited.
  2. a paragraph that contains your opinion of the article, or why you are sharing it with your colleagues; you can put a direct quote or paraphrase in here if you’d like as well

  3. This will be in MLA format. 


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