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1.on admission the nurse should expect a patient with diagnosis of transient ischemic attack to report . 1.spasticity, 2.weakness, 3.edema, 4. tremors

2.patient receiving merepidine intravenously at a continuous basal rate and a patient controlled analgesia rate to manage pain which essential finding would indicate a need to decrease the basal rate. 1. constricted pupil 2. decreased respiration 3.elevated blood pressure 4. increased urinary output.

3.Nurse most monitor patient post thyroidectomy for the development of hypercalcemia . which symptom indicate development of hyper calcemic. 1. pain in bones 2.Tingling sensation of extremities 3. hoarseness 4. A decrease in blood pressure .

4.A patient with uncontrolled diabetes has a glucose level of 430mg/dl which insulin will be administered. 1. Zinc suspension (Lantus ) 2.insulin injection(regular) 3. isophane (NPH) 4. PROTAMINE ZINC (PZI)


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