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Paper need to be atleast 2500 words with a mimimum of 5 sources. 

Explain and critique Professor Berman’s assertion that it is important to adopt the legal philosophy of integrative jurisprudence in order to properly explain, justify, and guide the development of law in the latter part of the twentieth century. You must include the following:

1.     An explanation of the 3 classical schools of thought that are combined by integrative jurisprudence;

2.     An explanation of how the 3 schools of thought often compete with one another for primacy;

3.     An explanation of how the 3 schools of thought can be integrated;

4.     An analysis of whether the 3 schools of thought are consistent or inconsistent with the biblical perspective of law; and

5.     An analysis of how an integrative jurisprudence could be applied to specific contemporary legal issues in the United States.


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