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Compensation and Benefit Strategy for RTA Transport Company

-Write a comprehensive compensation and Benefits strategy for RTA Transport Company and explain the role you will play as the compensation and Benefits Specialist, in the overall success of 2019 and the overall achievement of the 2022 HR strategy. (50 marks)-4.5 pages

-Explain the compensation and Benefits journey (where we are & where we want to be in 2022) & also detail out priorities for 2019 and 2020) (15 marks) -2 pages

-Use the Employee Goal setting attached to set your Objectives & stretched goals. (15 Marks) -2 pages

-Expand the compensation and Benefit Strategy to vision 2022. (10 marks) -1 page

-Explain some quick wins in the compensation and benefits strategy (10 marks)-0.5 page

**I have attached the HR Strategy & 2018-2022 priorities for your use.

(Use Times New Roman 12)


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