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How can I use the SQL Command Line utility to insert at least three data items into a vehicle and acct_payable tables on the one side of the one-to-many relationship and at least six data items into each table (child table) on the many side of the one-to-many relationship.

  • Each data item in the parent table must have at least one data item in the child table that it links to. (E.g. The production, accounting, and finance departments must each include at least one employee).
  • Execute one join command to display all of the data included in the two tables for each set of tables.
  • Include a screen shot to verify the successful completion of each Insert and Join command. Each Screen shot must be preceded by a comment that includes the student’s name, the instructor’s name, and the date the command was executed. You may group the insert commands for each table into one screen shot.


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