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RasGas also supplies LNG at home and in addition to producing LNG for export markets in the amount of 37 million tonnnes each year, RasGas also supplies about 2.0 billion cubic feet of LNG at home. RasGas also ‘manages and operates’ the ‘Hellim 1 and Hellim 2 facilities’ which together produces 1.96 billion cubic feet of liquid hellim annually. RasGas is committed to increase production with a view to meeting energy demands both at home and abroad (RasGas, 2001-2013).

…develop, produce and sell hydrocarbaons from the world’s largest non-associated gas field in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the welfare of the State of Qatar and the satisfaction of our customers while maximizing shareholder value (RasGas, 2001-2013A).


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